Massage in St Andrews

Physiotherapy and Massage in St Andrews Scotland

Hi there My name is Susie (My actual name is Sutasinee by the way), I am originally from Thailand. I am an HCPC registered physiotherapist (PH 128759) and a member of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.
I have worked as a physiotherapist for nearly 20 years. I started my physiotherapy journey at the world class Chivasom International Health Resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. There I learned to combine deep tissue massage with my physiotherapy knowledge.
I moved to Scotland in July 2021. Prior to moving here I worked as a senior physiotherapist at Medident Clinic, a well established medical center in Muscat, Oman. Alongside my day job I also worked for Muscat Rugby Football Club. There I gained a lot of experience in treating sports injuries.
As a Thai person I love to get a massage. I always dreamed of having my own therapy clinic where my team and I are able to provide clients the same massage experience that I enjoy myself. I like firm pressure but in exactly the right area which needs attention. I appreciate a certain amount of pain, but not too much to cause discomfort. I still want to have a relaxing experience.
We are currently helping people who suffer from muscle and joint issues. Some examples of common conditions we treat include back, neck, hip and shoulder pain. We also use the gentle but effective TMJ massage, which helps people who suffer from tension headache and jaw pain from clenching or grinding their teeth.
In addition we have regular customers who receive massage for general relaxation and injury prevention.
We provide physiotherapy and massage services on South Street St Andrews inside Jayne McGhie Skin Clinic.
For those on a golfing holiday our service is great for keeping you limber and ready for the next 18 holes.
Gift vouchers are also available if you would like to ‘Treat’ someone special.
Online Booking is available here. (The treatment room is downstairs. Please get in touch if have difficulty walking.)