Deep Tissue Massage

Firm pressure massage that will help to relieve chronic pain from muscle or spine conditions such as sciatica, herniated discs.

The massage will perform for whole body and focus on the concern areas.

If you are looking for a deep relaxing massage in St Andrews this is the right massage for you.

60 minutes £75

90 minutes £105

Sports Massage

Massage that focuses on sports related injuries such as pulled muscles or general tightness after exercise.

Helps to improve flexibility and enhance performance. This treatment is suitable after any bruising or swelling has subsided.

The sports massage is available in St Andrews.

60 minutes £75

90 minutes £105

TMJ (Jaw) Massage

A whole body massage included intraoral massage that can help with jaw pain, clenching or grinding teeth, tension headache, stress, ear pain, tinnitus.

Combination of fascial release, deep tissue massage and deep friction techniques.

Not suitable for trigeminal nerve pain, intraoral open wound or infection.

60 minutes £75

Back Neck Shoulder Massage
A massage that focuses on back, neck and shoulder tension. Ideal for people who suffer from stress or issues arising from working on a computer for long periods of time.
And also help with conditions related to neck and shoulder injuries such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries.
30 minutes £50
45 minutes £65
60 minutes £75
Pregnancy Massage
Gentle yet effective massage for pregnant women who suffer with muscle pain from body changes and carrying extra weight.
And also help to promote relaxation.
It is suitable from the second trimester onward, and for no complications pregnancies only.
This massage is performed by an experience physiotherapist. 
60 minutes £75

Post Natal Massage

Massage that focuses on muscle tension that arising from breast-feeding and carrying your baby.

Help a new mom to release  stress.

60 minutes £75

Oriental Touch

Combination of deep tissue and warm bamboo rod massage.

Helps to elevate your feeling of relaxation and relieve muscle tension.

90 minutes £150

Foot Massage

Focus on foot, calf, Hamstrings (Back of thigh) and Quadriceps (Front of thigh) muscles. Suitable for chronic plantar fasciitis, recurrent leg muscles injuries.

60 minutes £75